A.W. Communication Systems Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of radio communications control centre solutions, predominantly for the private mobile radio industry and the emergency services. Our award-winning product portfolio ranges from simple, single channel controllers through to scalable, modular, multi-channel, multi-operator switching solutions encompassing multiple radio technologies.


The TRICX is a multiple operator and multiple radio control system using packet switching technology over IP links to achieve the required communication paths. The system has been designed to offer high levels of redundancy and no single point of failure. The TRICX is based around a 1u rack mounted, enterprise class server which controls the routing of audio and control packets between the operators, radio interfaces and telephone gateways. The TRICX uses VoIP and RoIP technology to ensure maximum flexibility of the complete system, with the facility to have multiple hot standby servers should a high level of resilience be required.

The operator interface for the TRICX system is a PC based package running on the operator’s PC under a Windows environment. The screen layout is configurable so that the best layout for each individual application can be achieved easily. Uses DMR AIS to connect to TII and TIII systems.

• Multiple operators / multiple radio switch
• Complete telephony integration
• Duplicated central switch with hot standby option
• Scalable from small to large systems
• Complete IP solution from operator to radio
• Multiple signalling standards
• Cost effective communications
• Standards based solution
• Fully configurable user interface

Full selective calling capabilities are supported by the TRICX. These include a call stack, emergency call and call alert tones. The system also supports TETRA PEI signalling, MAP27 for MPT systems, telephony interconnect, automatic telephone/radio routing, M80 signalling and tone remote signalling. The system can use DMR AIS to connect to TII and TIII systems.


The TRICX is based around a 1u rack mounted, enterprise class server

Operator consoles can be in the form of a PC based application (TRC-ops) or a desktop controller (DRC-ip). Visit (www.awcsl.com) for more information


The TRICX Micro-Lite is a TRICX switch, Operator’s PC and Audio Interface Unit, integrated with a small format low power PC, which is designed to work with IP based communication systems. This unit is ideal for single operator systems where the user requires access to various radio and telephone resources. The unit is licenced for 5 concurrent ports; other options are available upon request.

• Digital (DMR) T2 and T3, plus analogue radio systems
• Integrates TRICX switch and operator for small systems
• Combined PC and Audio Interface Unit
• Two headset ports
• Handset option
• Select and monitor loudspeaker outputs
• Desk microphone socket
• Dual footswitch inputs
• Accessory connector
• Fanless with silent operation
• HDMI Graphics
• Up to 5 radio and telephone ports available
• Individual, group, priority and alarm calls
• Interface to TRACX vehicle location system

The TRICX Micro-Lite offers multiple audio inputs and outputs, each switched by the appropriate push to talk input to the unit. As well as auxiliary, desk microphone and dual headset inputs, the unit also offers a dual loudspeaker output giving the user separate monitor and select loudspeaker options. The unit has been designed to be desk mounted and, being of a sturdy construction, can easily be mounted in many locations. A separate mounting bracket is available.

Also available on the front of the Micro-Lite unit are LED indicators showing the unit’s state and also indications for incoming receive and outgoing transmit.


The TRICX Micro-Lite offers multiple audio inputs and outputs, each switched by the appropriate push to talk input to the unit

Micro-Lite seamlessly interfaces to a TRACX vehicle location system

TRACX has the ability to track different radio types, including TETRA, DMR, MPT and conventional, as well as GSM tracking devices meaning you can monitor any asset, anywhere worldwide. TRACX is a mapping server running a web server. This means that users can access Automatic Vehicle Location functions through a standard browser, enabling Automatic Vehicle Location to be deployed anywhere with web access to the system. This could be from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. With TRACX the user gets a clean, simple to use tracking application. You have the ability to define custom map layers, thus enabling the customer to have maps to their required detail.

• DMR Tier 2 (Simoco, Hytera, Kenwood dPMR)
• Track multiple device types in near-real time
• MPT - Map27 compatible radio via external GPS interface
• Kenwood Fleetsync
• GPS-enabled smartphone tracking
• Web-based application compatible with desktop and tablet PC's

The TRACX system can be installed on closed networks where data security is critical. As the TRACX server holds and serves the map tiles for the system, there is no need for the server to access the internet in order to view any maps. However, if internet access is available, the TRACX will continually check for updates and if they are, it will automatically download and update the map.

The TRACX system has full text and status messaging capabilities for incoming and outgoing communication. For safety critical users, it supports lone-worker, man down and emergency alarms with email alerting, audio and visual alerts.


Web-based application compatible with desktop and tablet PC's

TRACX - Display screen example

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