The DMR Association welcomes you

We set the standard for business critical and
conventional Digital Private Mobile Radio.

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DMR Applications Interfacing

We publish and maintain an application interface for vendors to extend the abilities of digital mobile radio system.

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Cost-effective technology

The DMR air interface provides coverage similar to analogue, offering the benefits of digital without the need to increase the number of repeater sites.

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About Us

Welcome to the DMR Association; here to work at the centre of DMR technology. We’re here for our members, working worldwide, to make DMR the most widely supported digital radio standard for the twenty first century business world.

We began in 2005 as a group of leading public mobile radio manufacturers to support ETSI during the DMR standardisation process. Our membership is welcoming and open to all organisations or individuals who use or build DMR products or those working to support the DMR standard in other ways.

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Our Mission

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world. Our mission is to support the DMR standard and those working within it.

Here at the DMR Association we provide our membership with the resources necessary to make certain that DMR products reach the market within a successful, open, multi-vendor chain. This offers buyers of today’s digital radio technology the security of knowing that they are investing in the future.

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DMR technology is already supporting over three million users worldwide.

We work with our members, worldwide, to ensure that DMR is the most widely supported digital business radio standard.

Key features of the DMR standard

  • Interoperability between manufacturers
  • Backwards spectrum compatibility
  • State of the art Forward Error Correction
  • Analogue to digital migration with DMR systems
  • Longer battery life
  • 2 talk paths in a 12.5 kHz channel
  • Doubling of capacity in existing channels
  • Data applications interface (AIS)
  • Two-slot Time Division (TDMA) operation

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We’d like to welcome a new member
to the DMR Association

Vertel Digital Pvt. Ltd, part of the Vertel Group, is a leading provider of professional radio communication systems. The company, based in India, produces reliable digital radio products for mission critical sectors working from public safety and defence right through to government security across the region.

Vertel holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates and is committed to providing cutting edge technology to deliver innovative and practical functionality. The company offers DMR Tier II and Tier III products and the team works to deliver the highest quality end solutions based on DMR infrastructure. All Vertel DMR products are rugged and have been tested and certified by ILAC / NABL and Government laboratories to conform to highest standards.

A new arrival to the Product Showcases

Catalyst, based in the United States, produces mission critical dispatch and interoperability solutions for public safety, government, utility, energy, and commercial markets throughout the United States and Canada using Radio Control over IP. Their DMR solutions are used for primary, back-up, and mobile dispatch as well as interoperability with Project 25, SMARTNET, EDACS, and commercial PTT.