Certificates and Summary of the Test Results

2015 Tier 2 Hytera SYS and Tait MS Certificate

June 2014 – Radiodata and Tait (Tier III)

June 2014 – Selex ES and Motorola Solutions (Tier II)

June 2014 – Selex ES and Sepura (Tier II)

June 2014 – Radio Activity and Sepura (Tier II)

June 2014 – Radio Activity and Motorola (Tier II)

May 2014 – Radiodata and Hytera (Tier III)

May 2014 – Selex ES and Tait (Tier II)

May 2014 – Selex ES and Radiodata (Tier III)

May 2014 - Selex ES and Simoco (Tier III)

April 2014 – Radiodata and Simoco (Tier III)

February 2014 – Selex ES and Kenwood (Tier II)

January 2014 – Hytera and Fylde Micro (Tier III)


Liability Disclaimer
The DMR Association declares that the IOP validation process has been carried out with the best possible endeavor in order to ensure the most reliable results. Nevertheless, the DMR Association takes no responsibility for, and shall have no liability as a result of damages, losses, or injuries of any kind that may be caused by non-conformance* of products that are awarded a DMR Interoperability Certificate. Individual manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the behavior of any equipment for which conformance is claimed is identical to that of the equipment that passed the DMR Association interoperability Certification Process.
*to the functions listed in the certificates.

DMR applications interface (AIS) standards unify interoperable voice and data solutions