The DMR Association welcomes you

We set the standard for business critical and conventional Digital Private Mobile Radio.
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Applications Interfacing

We publish and maintain an application interface for vendors to extend the abilities of their DMR digital mobile radio systems.
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Cost-effective technology

The DMR air interface provides coverage similar to analogue, offering the benefits of digital without the need to increase the number of repeater sites.
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About the DMR Association

Welcome to the DMR Association; here to work at the centre of DMR - Digital Mobile Radio technology. We’re here for our members, working worldwide, to make Digital Mobile Radio the most widely supported digital radio standard for the twenty first century business world.

We began in 2005 as a group of leading public mobile radio manufacturers to support ETSI during the Digital Mobile Radio standardisation process.

Our membership is welcoming and open to all organisations or individuals where DMR is a consistent part of their business or for those working to support the professional use of the DMR standard in other ways.

News & Events

Critical Communications

On 18th April Critical Communications Russia takes places in Moscow at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. Alessandro Guido, Technical Working Group Laboratory Coordinator, for the DMRA will be presenting to the conference. Alessandro is from Leonardo and will be talking about “State-of-the-art of ETSI DMR Tier III Standard”. Discussion around the topic will support and enhance the information that we can supply to our membership. Visit conference website >

IWCE, Las Vegas, 2019

Conferences always offer a great opportunity to look at best practice and get up to speed with developments within the industry. Tom Johnson, Technical Working Group Chairman led another successful meeting of the test case subcommittee. The DMRA also worked successfully to lead a panel, exploring DMR Tier 3, led and chaired by Hamish Duff. By meeting members in this way, we can establish a strong impression of what our members need from us.

New members, new futures

Since September alone we’ve welcomed fifteen new members aboard; this steady flow of new membership demonstrates our promotion and support for the DMR industry. Our role, offering members easy access to technical information and processes makes it easier for them to progress their businesses. DMRA, as a standard, depends on the collaborative nature of the technical standards, working to build compliant and interoperable products. Visit members page >

DMR technology is already supporting over three million users worldwide.

DMR Key Benefits

Our Mission

By using a combination of education, awareness, certification and interoperability training we operate to make sure that business buyers of today’s digital radio technology have the security of knowing that they are investing in the future.

Here at the DMR Association we provide our membership with the resources necessary to make certain that DMR products reach the market within a successful, open, multi-vendor chain.
We’re in frequent and direct dialogue with regulators, trade bodies and standards organisations around the world to maintain the standard.

DMR applications interface (AIS) standards unify interoperable voice and data solutions.

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Key features of the DMR standard

  • Interoperability between manufacturers
  • Backwards spectrum compatibility
  • State of the art Forward Error Correction
  • Analogue to digital migration with DMR systems
  • Longer battery life
  • 2 talk paths in a 12.5 kHz channel
  • Doubling of capacity in existing channels
  • Data applications interface (AIS)
  • Two-slot Time Division (TDMA) operation

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, developed by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and first ratified in 2005.

The DMR Standards