The DMR Association welcomes you

We’re here for our members, working worldwide, to continuously reaffirm Digital Mobile Radio as the most widely used digital radio standard for the world.
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Applications Interfacing

We publish and maintain an application interface for vendors to extend the abilities of their DMR digital mobile radio systems.
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Cost-effective technology

The DMR air interface provides coverage similar to analogue, offering the benefits of digital without the need to increase the number of repeater sites.
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The DMR Association is extremely sad to announce that Tom Johnson, the chairman of the TWG, suddenly passed away on 11th October 2020.

Tom made a huge contribution to the DMR Association over the years and was a highly respected engineer in the industry. We have lost an exceptional person, a good friend and a brilliant team leader. Our thoughts are with Tom’s family at this difficult time.

Mario Micheli - Chair of the DMR Association

Tom’s contributions within the Digital Mobile Radio Association will continue to have significant positive effects on both radio end users and radio manufacturers for years to come. Through his leadership, technical expertise and interpersonal communication skills he has laid the groundwork for true DMR feature interoperability. He will truly be missed.

John Zidar - senior vice president of Global Enterprise & Channels, Motorola Solutions
Russ Lund - vice president of Global Product development, Motorola Solutions
Tom Bohn - DMR Association Representative, Motorola Solutions

Tom’s passing is a loss that is felt by many. He had vision and integrity, two of the most important characteristics of a technical leader. His contributions to the radio industry will long be remembered here at Motorola Solutions.

John Zidar - senior vice president of Global Enterprise & Channels, Motorola Solutions
Russ Lund - vice president of Global Product development, Motorola Solutions

My thoughts and prayers are with Tom’s family and friends. Know that it was a pleasure to work with Tom these last several years. Whether we were discussing technical details or conversing over dinner, Tom had a way of making me laugh. He will always be in my memories.

Tom Bohn - DMR Association Representative, Motorola Solutions

Tom was a great person. Reliable, technically competent and motivated. His passing will leave a big hole in our group of engineers and friends working on DMR. I would have loved to have had more time to spend with him. My condolences to his colleagues and family.

Malte Langermann - Radiodata GmbH, Germany

We are very sad to hear that Tom suddenly passed away and we would like to express our sincere condolences to Tom’s family.
He was not only appreciated by his technical skill as a colleague but also by his kindness.

Pete Hizzey & Caroline Maragnon


It is with great shock and sadness that we heard of Tom’s much too early passing.

Tokuzo Inoue, Chairman, on behalf of Icom Incorporated, the members of the dPMR Mode 3 development team and the dPMR Association participant team, send our heartfelt condolences to Tom’s family at this time. He was a vibrant and extremely knowledgeable person in our industry, and he will sorely missed.

With sympathy, Icom Incorporated

I was sorry to see the announcement of Tom's passing. Tom was a co-panellist with me at IWCE Virtual a couple of months ago and I enjoyed his obvious knowledge and experience. Please pass on TCCA's condolences to Tom's colleagues and family.

Tony Gray - Chief Executive TCCA

Tom, I will miss you! You were one of the best persons I met in my life: enthusiast, reliable, diligent, cooperative, respectful; and a real friend. I can't believe I cannot meet you any more in this life, but I am sure we will meet again. My condolences and prayers to your loved ones.

Alessandro Guido - Leonardo, Italy

Respected colleague & friend. I am deeply saddened to learn of Tom's passing and offer my sincerest condolences to Tom's family and colleagues. His contributions to our industry demonstrated his enthusiasm, passion, and strong motivation for advancing the DMR cause. Personally and professionally, he will be greatly missed.

Paul Martin - Tait Communications, New Zealand

We at Zetron would like to offer our sincere condolences to Tom Johnson’s family, friends and colleagues, and to say our thank you for Tom’s great commitment to our industry. We appreciate Tom’s work as Chairman of the DMR Technical Working Group, dedicated to standardization and enhancement of technology for the benefits of all.

Tim Whitfield, Product Management, for Zetron Inc.

I am so shocked by the news of Tom’s passing. He was so kind, so capable, and so earnest to his loved LMR industry and especially to DMR Association!
He made so many contributions to DMR industry development, such as the email lists, effective TWG meetings, technical CRs discussions, IOP testing, etc., in DMR Association. His versatile talents benefit many people and companies of LMR industry. Hope he will be always be happy in heaven!!!

Yao Zhongbang - Kirisun Communication Co., Ltd.

Tom was a brilliant RF expert and a person who held the Chair of TWG with utmost enthusiasm and fairness and was always forthcoming to the members of the DMRA.
His absence leaves a void which will be felt by all of us for a long time. May the Almighty rest his soul in peace and give strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss.

Ramneek Chopra - Vertel Digital Pvt. Ltd. India


Tom – a colleague and friend who will be missed

Tom left behind a very real legacy, which will affect the way our industry do things for a very long time to come. All of us who knew Tom and worked alongside him will remember him with great affection.

There is no doubt that Tom was special – his technical expertise was respected globally on all continents. Tom and I were very lucky. Our business took us to some of the most remote places on earth with experiences that could only be dreamed of. 

We have lost a unique and extraordinary engineer, and I have lost my best friend.  Our prayers go to his wife Hazel.

Brian Seedle

DMR - Trusted by 12 Million Users

Welcome to the DMR Association; we’re here for our members, working worldwide, to continuously reaffirm Digital Mobile Radio as the most widely used digital radio standard for the business world.

We began in 2005 as a group of market leading public mobile radio manufacturers to support ETSI during the DMR standardisation process.

The DMR Association’s Technical Working Group works constantly on the Interoperability process, providing standards certification for manufacturers, the majority of which is at the highest Tier 3 specification. Membership is open to all organisations or individuals where DMR is a regular part of their business and for those working to support the professional use of the DMR standard in other ways.

News and Events

DMRA welcomes Triaxon Technologies PVT Ltd
Welcome, Triaxon Technologies

The DMR Association are delighted to welcome Triaxon Technologies PVT Ltd as a category 1 member. Based in India, Triaxon provides a range of products for DMR radio including DMR Tier II & III Solutions, DMR Repeaters and DMR Modems. Visit Members page >

MAXON America DMR Association
Welcome, MAXON America

A warm welcome to MAXON America who join the DMR Association as a category 1 member. Maxon America is an American-owned and operated LMR radio manufacturer and distributor located in Lenexa, Kansas just south of Kansas City. Visit Members page >

Wireless Innovation DMR Association
Welcome, Wireless Innovation

The DMR Association are pleased to welcome Wireless Innovation as a Category 2 member. Wireless Innovation offers a new approach to public safety communications with its one solution combining the best of LMR, LTE and Satellite technologies. Visit Members page >

DMR technology is already supporting
over 12 Million users worldwide.

DMR Key Benefits

Our Mission

By using a combination of education, awareness, certification and interoperability training we operate to make sure that business buyers of today’s digital radio technology have the security of knowing that they are investing in the future.

Here at the DMR Association we provide our membership with the resources necessary to make certain that DMR products reach the market within a successful, open, multi-vendor chain. We’re in frequent and direct dialogue with regulators, trade bodies and standards organisations around the world to maintain the standard.

DMRA Mission

DMR applications interface (AIS) standards unify interoperable voice and data solutions.

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Key features of the DMR standard

  • Interoperability between manufacturers
  • Backwards spectrum compatibility
  • State of the art Forward Error Correction
  • IP Data
  • Fast Automatic Vehicle Localisation (AVL)
  • Optional encryption for secure communications
  • Doubling of capacity in existing channels
  • Data applications interface (AIS)
  • Two-slot Time Division (TDMA) operation

DMR enables a single 12.5 kHz channel to support two simultaneous and independent calls. This is achieved using TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access. Under TDMA DMR retains the 12.5 kHz channel width and divides it into two alternating timeslots A and B where each timeslot acts as a separate communication path.

Each communication path is active for half of the time in 12.5 kHz of bandwidth, each uses an equivalent bandwidth of half x 12.5 kHz or 6.25 kHz. This is known as having an efficiency of one talk path per 6.25kHz of spectrum. However with DMR the channel as a whole maintains the same profile as an analogue 12.5kHz signal.

This means that DMR radios operate in the licence holders existing 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz channels; there is therefore no need for re-banding or re-licensing but at the channel capacity is doubled. Read More >

DMR Double Capacity

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, developed by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and first ratified in 2005.

The DMR Standards