LS Elektronik – Connecting radios all over the world.

We develop and manufacture special electronics for radio systems. We have more than 20 years of experience building special solutions for two way radio users. Though our main product is our IP remote control, we also build other interfaces and panels. Please ask if you have a special need of something. We have systems in 60 countries all over the world. Below you can read more about LS Elektroniks’ main three products for DMR and other radio systems:

- Mimer SoftRadio, remote control dispatch over IP.
- Mimer X-Link, bridging of radio systems.
- Sirius Remote panel, very rugged remote for Motorola DMR.


Mimer SoftRadio is a dispatch system that remote controls radios over IP.

Each PC dispatcher can handle many radios and each radio can be handled by many dispatchers. Radios of different brands, types and systems can be mixed, audio can be recorded, calls and text messages can be handled. All together building a very versatile dispatcher system that handles the customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

The core of the system is a network interface that connects to the radio unit. It digitizes the audio and handles the radios control of channels etc. At the other end is only PC software, no extra hardware apart from the PC. There is no central controller or other box in the system, between radio and dispatcher all is standard IP, making the system very redundant.

Customers can be found all over the world in airports, offshore, transport, public safety and much more. You can read about many user examples here:


“Operator at a chemical plant”
”SoftRadio GUI with three radios, voice recording and phone”

The Mimer X-Link [cross-link] is a small interface unit that bridges radio systems together.

The interface is very versatile and handles almost any type of radio or other audio source at each end.

You can easily build a bridge between two radio systems, for example connecting a DMR talk group to an Airband channel, making it possible for the DMR users to talk directly to the airplanes.

The Mimer X-Link interface can be delivered in a basic setup or together with custom made cable kits and tuning for the type of radios that you need.

When setup the system is fully stand-alone. It will run unattended and auto start after a power failure.

There are many examples of user cases on the web pages:


“System example with DMR and Airband”
“Parts needed to build a system”

The Sirius Remote Panel – For tough users in rough environments!

The panel is specifically made for the Motorola MotoTrbo-series radios. It is very ruggedized to handle both cold and hot climate as well as rain and snow.

The typical use case is on a motor cycle, quad bike, snowmobile or outdoors on a boat. With other words, any place where the mobile radio does not like to be installed.

The panel has a touch screen where you can access the menus of the radio. You also have fast keys for channel change, back light, volume etc

The touch screen can be used with your gloves on. And it has a transflective display so that it can be used in both bright sunlight and at night.

Read more here:


“Sirius panel getting wet”

“Sirius panel installed on a quad bike”

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world