Telycan, founded in 1990, has extensive experience in the design of Telecommunications and IT Engineering Projects and has developed the TelyCALL platform for Communications Integration (TETRA, DMR, PMR) and Incident Management for Command and Control Centres. TelyCALL is a Web-RTC (Real Time Communications) platform for mission critical multi-agency environments.


The TelyCALL platform is based on a client-server architecture for Mission Critical services with Web-RTC (Real-Time Communications) technology, allowing deployment in "on-premise" or "cloud-computing" mode. The Communications Integrator (COM) operates with multiple radio (DMR, TETRA, PMR), telephony and PTT over Cellular (PoC) systems and providers, either through conventional communications gateways or by direct connection to the infrastructure. The communications dispatch consoles (clients) operate exclusively with a secure web browser (HTTPS-TLS 2.0) and access via native two-factor authentication (2FA), ensuring system cybersecurity. Audio control accessories are connected to the workstations via USB interfaces. Server redundancy guarantees service continuity through High Availability Architecture (HA) with Redundant Nodes for 24/7 operation.

TelyCALL offers a unified solution for multi-agency environments: Army, Police, Emergency Medical, Fire, Forestry and Environmental Services, Transport Centres or Public Services.

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows integration with third party developers through communication protocols and with the rest of the TelyCALL applications: Critical Incident Management (GES), Secure Voice Recording (REC), Incident Reports and Statistics (GIE), Real Time Monitoring (MON) and AVL Mapping and Positioning (GIS/AVL). Compliant with the National Security Scheme (N.S.S.) - Security Architecture for the Protection of Unclassified Information Systems (High Category - Spain) equivalent to NIST SP800-53 (America). Conformity with ISO/IEC 25000 software engineering. Software Product Quality requirements and evaluation product quality assessment model according to ISO-IEC 25023-2016.


We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world