Established in 1975, ASELSAN, has become a high technology, multi-product establishment by introducing state-of-the-art products and systems solutions for both military and professional applications. ASELSAN with his 4000 personnel including 2100 engineers undertakes large-scale system integration projects and develops the most sophisticated high-end products in defense and public safety sectors.Aselsan is committed to the DMR standard and has launched DMR products in 2012.In the field of Public Safety and Emergency Communications, ASELSAN provides globally competitive turnkey system solutions covering products and applications which are integrated through a modular system architecture to meet the needs of digital radio communications of different user groups in normal, crisis and disaster situations.

Products and IOP Certificates

General Properties

• DMR Conventional (Tier-2)
• DMR Trunk (Tier-3)
• High Audio Output Power
• Colored Display
• Integrated GPS option
• Bluetooth Option
• Mandown Option
• Vibration Option
• Encryption Option
• Smart Battery Options
• Desktop or Vehicular Charger
• Various Audio Accessories
• User friendly interface
• Incoming and outgoing call list
• Caller ID
• Informative Alerts
• Transmit Time-out Timer
• Configurable Menu Options
• Computer Aided Maintenance

Technical Properties

• VHF or UHF
• 136-174 MHz, 406-470 MHz
• 5W Output Power
• MIL STD 810 E,F,G (Environmental Conditions)
• ETSI EN 301 489-1,5 (EMC)
• ETSI EN 60950 (LVD)
• ETSI EN 300 086-2 (Analog),
• ETSI EN 300 113-2 (Digital)

• Group Voice Call, Unit to Unit Voice Call, Addressless Voice Call, Broadcast Voice Call and General Voice Call
• Telephone Call
• Emergency Call
• Pre-Programmed Data Messaging, Short Message Service
• GPS Data, Status Query
• Registration/Deregistration
• Voice Recording
• Dynamic Group Number Assignment
• End-to-end Encryption with 128 or 256 bits with AES
• Roaming
• Operator Console
• Personnel and Vehicle Monitoring
• Network Management System


• Analog and Digital Mode Options
• 3-level RF Power Options
• Informative Directives and Alerts
• Transmission Time Limit
• PC Supported Repair
• Graphical User Interface
• LCD Screen, Alphanumeric Keypad
• Convenient to ETSI 300-086 (Analog), ETSI 300-113 (Digital:DMR) Standards
• Convenient to MIL STD 810 E,F Standards
• Integrated GPS module (only DMR4700 Handheld Radio)


• Analog and Digital Mode Options
• Modular Structure
• Ethernet/IP Interface for Network Connection
• 100% Continuous Full Duty Cycle at 25 – 90 W (in UHF 70 W)
• 2 Simultaneous Voice or Data Paths in Digital TDMA Mode
• Integrated Power Supply
• LEDs Clearly Indicate Transmit and Receive Modes in Both Channel Slots
• Convenient to ETSI 300-086 (Analog), ETSI 300-113 (Digital:DMR) Standards


We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world