Caltta, previously known as ZTE Trunking Technology Corporation, has been dedicated to providing professional trunking solutions for more than ten years. With 800 professionals and 400+ patents for trunking technology, Caltta is capable of providing 2G/3G/4G complete ranges of end-to-end products and solutions.

Products and IOP Certificates

2020-003 Tier 2 Caltta PR900 SYS - PH690 MS and Tait TP3300 TP9500 MS

2020-002 Tier 2 2 Caltta PR900 SYS - PH609 MS and Vertel DRR 9000 SYS - DPR 7000

2020-001 Tier 2 Caltta PR900 SYS - PH690 MS and Kirisun TR850 SYS - DP990 MS

2018-001 Tier 3 Caltta BS8700 SYS and Motorola XiR P8668 MS

2018-007 Tier 3 Caltta/ZTE BS8700 SYS and Aselsan 4700 MS

2018-008 Tier 3 REXON DMR RPT-06 SYS and Caltta PH790 MS

2018-009 Tier 3 Caltta BS8700 SYS and Rexon RM-810 MS

2018-011 Tier 3 Kirisun DS6000 SYS & Caltta PH790 MS

2018-012 Tier 3 Caltta BS8700 SYS & Kirisun DP990 MS

2018-013 Tier 3 Calta BS8700 SYS & HQT DH-9800 MS

2015-010 Tier II ZTE SYS ZXTSBS6200 and Kenwood MS TKD300(G)E

2015-011 Tier II Kenwood SYS TKRD810E and ZTE MS DH620G

2015-013 Tier II Kirisun SYS TR850 and ZTE MS TM840

2015-014 Tier II ZTE SYS ZXTSBS6200 and Kirisun MS DP770

Caltta Trunking DMR ZXSDR BS8700 implements the distributed architecture that separates the baseband from the radio frequency, based on Caltta's advanced SDR platformand and focuses on highly integrate, highly reliable, quick Deployment, redundancy, etc. With highly integrate designed , Caltta Trunking DMR ZXSDR BS8700 can save more construction time and supports more Carriers. DMR ZXSDR BS8700 consists of DMR ZXSDR B8200 and DMR ZXSDR R8881 and compatible with both digital and analog trunking simultaneously.


As an important component of the Caltta Trunking DMR system, DMR ZXTS eTC500 supports all the trunking and dispatch services and carrier-class authentication and authorization for the trunking service. With Modular design of software and hardware, DMR ZXTS eTC500 is easy to install and maintain and supports enough capacity expandable by stacking. DMR ZXTS eTC500 is provided with disaster recovery system, hot-swappable hardware module and focuses on high reliability based on ATCA platform.


PH790 Digital Portal Radio and PM790 Mobile Radio provide high quality voice services. They strictly meet the requirements of the professional critical communications users anywhere and anytime. The PH790 and PM790 support DMR Conventional and Digital Trunking, which can also be used under the user’s existing analog network, supporting smooth network upgrades. With the 2000mAh battery and power saving of DMR, the PH790's battery life is long enough for the critical communications user. The digital standard and deeply customized OS provides high safety. Professional users are able to add hardware encryption cards for higher security.


-Professional 3U Design • Smart Digital-Analog Auto Detection
• IP Connecting
• Dual power model: AC & DC


Caltta Trunking DMR Conventional Mobile Radio – PH300 & PH400 & PH500 & PH520 Through carefully optimized audio design, combined with excellent audio encoder, provides loud and clear sound. It helps the professional users to operate radio more comfortable. Besides voice and data service, it provides various of customized services to help professional users to handle different types of tasks. It qualifies for all kinds of severe working environment.

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world