Friendly LLC is a Gold Authorized Partner of Motorola Solutions, Licensed Developer and Authorised training centre. We develop and manufacture the unique design products to be used with MOTOTRBO radios and systems. As an Authorized training centre we develop and provide individualised trainings on DMR technology, MOTOTRBO systems, TRBONet software.

Products and Information

FS-4000 is an option board developed for use with MOTOTRBO DM2xxx/DM4xxx radios to provide an interface with different data devices via RS-232 interface. The MOTOTRBO radios equipped with the FS-4000 option board can be used by various kinds of telemetry controllers in Utilities, Oil & Gas and water supply, Energy/power supply, Industrial Automation.

Key features:
• Allows data rates of up to 2.4 Kbps Over-the-Air
• Own data buffering and error correction
• Can be easily programmed locally or remotely ‘over-the-air’
• Can be used with many other controllers with a RS-232 interface
• ARM7 microprocessor architecture
• MAX3232 line driver
• Hardware handshaking (RTS, CTS)
• Max Tx PDU size is 1500 bytes
• Windows based FS-Configuration Software
• Local and remote “over-the-air” programming (from one to another)
• Upgrade is easy and available after new OP firmware is released
• Approved on MOSCAD, ACE36XX and Delta-X controllers
• Adjustable interface parameters( bit rate, data bits,…) and radio initialization (ID, CAI Network)



FS-1000-TRBO is an easy and multifunctional solution designed for using with MOTOTRBO radios in the dispatch control systems of the departmental radio networks. FS-1000-TRBO designed and software provides the connection between the base radios and the control console via a network Ethernet interface.

Key features:
• One dispatch console controls up to 6 base station
• Up to 8 dispatch consoles can be connected to the base station
• Colored LED indicators (Power; Tx/Rx)
• 4-line 14-character display
• Direct Mode (Including Dual Capacity Direct Mode) / Repeater Mode
• IP Site Connect
• Capacity Plus
• Linked Capacity Plus
• Connection between the control console and base radio is provided via Ethernet interface


Authorised Training Centre Friendly LLC offers the trainings as a part of Motorola Solutions partners’ certification programs and individual specialized training programs on DMR technology, MOTOTRBO systems and solutions, TRBONet dispatcher applications for the specialists of the different levels. We provide the trainings and courses on long-term basis to various partners and customers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia:


• Public Safety organisations
• Military
• Oil & Gas companies
• Rail Ways and transportation companies
• Energy companies
• Motorola Solutions Partners and Resellers

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world