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MOTOTRBO Applications Solutions

Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of MOTOTRBO applications specifically designed for your organization. No matter how large or small the enterprise is, users get the best of two-way radio with digital technology and enjoy integrated voice and data communication, enhanced features and exceptional quality.

Customers around the world are looking to do more with their workgroup communication systems: enhancing capabilities beyond voice, expanding data features and empowering new generations of users.


Central coordination is the key to an effective workforce. That’s why it’s so important to have a control room solution in your two-way radio system. You need solutions that build on traditional dispatch functionality to deliver business-critical tools like location tracking, voice recording and system monitoring. Our flexible and customizable solutions give you exactly what you need to manage your organization reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.



  • This feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy (a mode of Bluetooth 4.0) in the latest MOTOTRBO radios to find the position of radios inside a building.
  • It relies on Bluetooth beacons (“iBeacons”), which are installed at known, fixed points around the building. These small, battery-operated units broadcast their unique identifier over Bluetooth.
  • The radio continually listens for iBeacons, and periodically sends a measurement report (beacon IDs and their signal strengths) over the MOTOTRBO data channel to a dispatcher application.
  • The application uses the report to calculate the likely position of the radio and displays it on a map in a similar way to GPS. The more beacons the radio reports, the more accurate the location fix will be.

With costs continuing to be a major obstacle to often times much-needed infrastructure upgrades, you must look to technologies that can create gains in efficiency and productivity. Improve the speed and accuracy of your operations by securely automating field processes with Motorola's ACE remote terminal units (RTUs), a product line built on a history of MOSCAD success.

Further expand your control by integrating the RTUs with your two-way radio system or a combination of almost any other network for encompassing data communication. Our solutions help you reduce operational downtime, optimize infrastructure efficiency and keep personnel out of potentially dangerous situations - maximizing the productivity, safety and profitability of your business.


WAVE provides a powerful PTT platform to enhance and optimize your work group communications. Connect your disparate networks such as radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, telephony and more so you can communicate between them. Whether on a smartphone, radio, computer, landline or any other communications device, your personnel can connect instantly and securely via PTT.


Work Order Ticketing allows you to co-ordinate activities and manage issues more efficiently within the hotel or resort. MOTOTRBO has been integrated into the world’s leading hospitality Work Order Ticketing solutions:

  • HotSOS
  • SynergyMMS
  • eConnect
  • Guestware

Tickets use pre-configured templates on the radio, simplifying entry and translation. Tickets are allocated to the right users in the right language.

The work order ticket process can be more discreet than a voice conversation: there are no need to speak any sensitive information or room numbers. The accountability of a ticket also leads to better employee ownership, and can even be linked to staff rewards and compensation. .

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world